Environmental Management & Monitoring

Environmental Management & Monitoring

Environmental Management

Environmental sustainability and responsibility are issues that are very important to everyone at Gafoor. We have a highly sophisticated environmental management system in place that covers the following:

Solid waste management: Solid waste is stored in a temperature controlled waste room then sealed in a controlled area. The discharged waste is sealed in a single mobile container featuring three separate compartments for the various waste products. The container is removed on a daily basis. The waste products room is sealed using a roller shutter door and is maintained at 4 degrees Celsius under negative air pressure.

Water / effluent treatment: Our site features its own, purpose-designed effluent treatment facility that treats all water prior to discharge. Internal processes utilise ether vacuums, sealed stainless steel pipelines, tanks, and containers. Solid waste is intercepted and removed using an airtight vehicle while the remaining waste water is treated using screens and sedimentation tanks. All subsequent discharges are undertaken in accordance with Discharge Consent, and are tested on a monthly basis to confirm compliance.

Air quality management: To ensure that odours and emissions are effectively controlled, we have invested in a modern and highly effective ventilation, extraction, and containment systems. These combined with the latest poultry processing techniques and a strict food hygiene regime, help to optimise air quality in and around the plant.