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Gafoor Pure Halal specialises in the production, processing, and supply of halal poultry products to both the traditionally halal and mainstream UK markets. With over 45 years of customer focused experience the company stands today as one of the UK’s longest serving halal poultry producers. Distributing both nationally and internationally, we provide halal poultry meat to the retail, wholesale, catering and hospitality industries, as well as Government departments.

Located in the region of Lancashire, the family owned business operates from a modern independent plant, fully committed to providing fresh-quality chicken.

“Our past has been inspirational but our future is full of promise”

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Gafoor pure Halal was founded on the principles of providing customers with high quality halal poultry products that are prepared and processed in accordance with UK , EU and Islamic law. Our current product range can be viewed below. We are also known to carry out contract work, products to specification and products destined for foreign markets.

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We have received numerous awards and have been featured in various publications. We are also actively engaged in charity works through donations and sponsorships. Click on link below.

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Just In Time

With a fleet of refrigerated vehicles and a sophisticated distribution system we offer a minute by minute “just in time delivery system,” which allows the product to be produced, processed and sold fresh on a daily basis. Deliveries are complimentary, but we can also organise special deliveries upon a client’s request.

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